We Are Ocean

Who Are We

We Are Ocean™ is a public benefit non-profit organization based in Newport Beach, California. Our mission is to improve the lives of cancer patients and survivors through ocean-based, active lifestyle camps and experiences.

We started as one. Newport Beach native Jack Marshall Shimko, who crushed his Hodgkin’s Lymphoma through treatment and by surfing, swimming and paddling his way back to health. A lifelong ocean enthusiast, he realized that the sea played a huge roll in his recovery. It helped him maintain a positive state of mind and keep his physical strength up along the way. And he realized that what’s good for him would be good for others.

So in 2013, he started We Are Ocean. To provide cancer patients and survivors ways to discover the healing power of the ocean–together.

Today, We Are Ocean is made of many others, too. Chandler Bell, Jim Gray, John Polovina, Patrick Towersey, Wes Brown, Sarah Harrington-Ihns, Alexandra Taylor and camp director extraordinaire, Jill Jacobs. All healthy-living junkies and die-hard advocates of oceans everywhere–especially the big, deep blue one nearby.

And of course, We Are Ocean is the over 250 survivors and patients, who have participated in our transformative recovery adventures since we began. And we are thousands of family members and friends who have provided love and support along the way.