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Between Two Harbors – We Are Ocean

A documentary revealing the restorative and healing powers of nature.

Richard Yelland is directing and co-producing a short documentary, twenty-two minutes long, about We Are Ocean’s (WAO) cancer recovery program that provides life-changing results for those with cancer. The inaugural ‘Camp We Are Ocean’ took place at White’s Landing on Catalina Island, five nautical miles north of Avalon, July 31, 2014 through August 4, 2014.


photo: Marshall Lally

photo: Marshall Lally

Yelland and his crew filmed for one week and documented very powerful, emotionally-driven material over the course of the camp, which included surfing, stand up paddling, diving, kayaking and sailing. Yelland states, “The ocean proved to be as restorative and healing as we had hoped for cancer patients in treatment, those as far as stage four and cancer survivors alike.”

photo: Dave Nash

Yelland and Co. funded the pre-production and initial week of shooting and is now seeking the community to help fund the final stage of production. We are asking for your help with the remaining production, editing/post production and finishing costs. Yelland has assembled an award-winning team to produce what will be both a short documentary film and 30-minute TV special to be distributed via national and global broadcast networks, film festivals and select digital channels. “Beyond the film, our bigger goal is to improve the lives of cancer patients and survivors by bringing the ocean’s healing powers to light and sharing the stories of those beating the odds against cancer,” says Yelland.

photo: Marshall Lally

Jack Marshall Shimko, Founder of We Are Ocean states “By next year, cancer will affect nearly every American in some way, shape or form. Which is why I’m asking you to help us spread this story of hope and healing to audiences around the world.”

photo: Marshall Lally

“Sincere thanks to all of our supporters to date, including Orange County’s Pouch Self Storage, not to mention the efforts by Hurley International and photographer Marshall Lally to make this great prizing possible. We appreciate everyone’s support in helping make this dream come true,” says Richard Yelland, Director