Just like fish who travel through the ocean in schools, We Are Ocean realizes that there is strength in numbers. For this reason, we have developed a partnership program that allows us to strengthen our outreach by pulling forces with like-minded organizations.

Sometimes, the fight against cancer can feel like being swallowed by undertow, for both the people and organizations fighting the battle. By aligning ourselves with for-profit businesses and corporations, on both a local and national level, we can continue to help cancer patients and survivors achieve a long, healthy life, while giving our corporate partners the opportunity to make a significant contribution to a cause they believe in.

We Are Ocean seeks to forge relationships with businesses that have strong brands and stellar reputations. Partnerships can take many forms, including:

  • Co-branded products and merchandise
  • Underwriting of a specific adventure or program
  • Annual and/or re-occuring donations
  • In-kind product donations
  • Corporate match and charitable giving (Available 9/1/14)

For more information about partnerships, please email